Blush & Blu

C19 Safety

Blush&Blu is COVID-19 compliant for the State of COlorado and County of Denver. Please see below for more information. All mandates will be followed, and enforced.

City and County of Denver Public & Business Guidelines:

Public Health Orders Update! (10/16/2020)

As of October 16, 2020, the Denver Public Health Order, including the Face Covering Order, has been revised to include stricter guidelines. This update is in response to rapidly increasing case incidents and follows the statewide order extension issued by Governor Polis on October 10, 2020.

With Denver’s COVID-19 case numbers rising for three consecutive weeks, Mayor Michael B. Hancock announced new public health measures today that require people to wear face coverings in more settings and reduce the number of people who can gather from 10 to 5 people. The tougher mask mandate is effective immediately until further notice, and the reduced gathering order is effective through Nov. 16.

Summary of changes:

Bars and Breweries

Bars and breweries that do not serve food from a licensed retail food establishment must close to in-person service.

  • Bars and breweries may continue in-person service, if they:
    • Have adapted to operate like a restaurant.
    • Offer food from a licensed retail food establishment for on-premise consumption and follow the restaurant requirements – including seating all patrons at tables a minimum of 6 feet apart – may operate up to 50% of the posted occupancy limit or 50 patrons per room, whichever is fewer.
      • Only allow bar seating options if the bar is not being used for bar service or if there is a clearly designated and separated section of the bar that is not being used for bar service.
    • Additionally, bars and breweries may use the calculator for indoor events to allow for occupancy up to 100 patrons total per room indoors.
  • All bars and breweries may continue to operate to-go, curbside and delivery service, but must remain closed to in-person patrons (take-out permitted, e.g. beer sales/cocktail kits from a brewery).
  • Alcohol sales, including take out alcohol orders, are dependent on county dial level:
    • Level 1: Alcohol sales MUST conclude by 12 a.m.
    • Level 2: Alcohol sales MUST conclude by 11 p.m.
    • Level 3: Alcohol sales MUST conclude by 10 p.m.